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Tennis Inc has been in operation since April 2013. I am proud to introduce to you the first tennis program of its kind to provide new and innovative programs for youth and adults in Lebanon. Our programs and methods will incorporate our motto of ‘REAL. FUN. FIT’ and will be an exciting and easy ‘Grass Roots’ approach to the game while providing the …More

Latest News

18 Feb
Tennis Inc is coaching ACS

Tennis Inc is coaching the American Community School (ACS) varsity and junior varsity tennis teams. ACS has added tennis to its official athletic programs menu and we are... …More

Upcoming Events

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    10 Aug, 17 Aug, 24 Aug
    Summer Camps ACS

    Tennis Inc will be hosting Smash Hits, Easy Hits and Advanced Hits camps over the Summer Break holidays... …More

"At Tennis Inc, we provide our students with an accelerated insight to learning the game in a fun, creative, and educational way." Ali Hamadeh
“Tennis is an enjoyable sport for a lifetime” Johan Landsberg